Trio Tangere

Marc Djokic – Jérôme Ducharme – Louis Trépanier

Trio Tangere performs exciting repertoire from the select catalogue of music written for violin and two guitars, as well as making bold new transcriptions of classical masterworks.

This ensemble performs exciting repertoire from the select body of works already in existence for this instrument grouping, as well as new commissions and transcriptions. They have commissioned and debuted work from contemporary Canadian composers such as Matthias Maute, Richard Mascall and Christine Donkin.

Past concerts include performances and masterclasses at Cecilia Concerts in Halifax, Cambrian College in Sudbury, Music & Beyond festival in Ottawa, and at the historic Heliconian Hall in Toronto. Trio Tangere has performed at the Chapelle Historique du Bon-Pasteur in Montreal, as part of the Acces Culture concert series. In 2018 they embarked on their first US tour, performing in cities in Kentucky. The Trio has filmed four music videos in unique Canadian locations, produced by the classical video channel Mecenat Musica Noncerto.


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